Watch for Jesus
(the second one)

And the signs leading up to His return

written November 2015 - still valid in 2024

To: Questions/Comments

This may be the most important document that you will ever read in your lifetime! "Why?" Because the information within can keep you from your greatest fears and embarrassment and very possibly, keep you from being terminated, obliterated and erased as if you never existed!

So you say, "you must have made these statements under the influence.” In a way, you could say that that is true. But it is a different influence, the influence resulting from years of bible study. “But how do you know the bible is true or better yet, how do you know your interpretation is correct?”

Ah, very good questions. I will show you how the interpretation is correct so that even you, yourself, must admit it is true! “Impossible!” you say. Well, I say - do not believe a word of what is written here. But when you see the following events occur, it would be foolish not to believe.

The most important thing for you to know in the end times is that there are two Jesuses coming. Both of them will have supernatural powers because they will be in their supernatural body. The supernatural body looks and feels exactly like the flesh body. But the supernatural body does not age (appears as a young adult), does not get sick, does not feel pain and does not die.

You could say that a supernatural body is in a different dimension and therefore operates under different laws than the flesh body. After the Resurrection, Christ walked through the wall to be with his apostles. Thomas examined Christ’s hands and the wound in his side with his own fingers and made no statement that Christ’s supernatural body looked or felt different.

Furthermore, the bible tells us that the first Jesus will snap his fingers and make fire or lightening come down from Heaven. So when you see events such as these, and when the first individual looks and says that he is Christ, then believe that he is satan and the antichrist. The bible says he will deceive the whole world into following him.

The bible tells us that Michael and his angels fight against satan (antichrist) and his angels and satan and his angels are kicked out of Heaven to the earth and further states, woe to us on earth. Originally the bible says that satan had 7 years. But it says that it was shortened to 5 months because if it weren’t, there wouldn’t be any flesh saved. The bible seems to indicate that the 5 months are broken into 2 two and one half month periods. This may be because satan uses the first two and a half months to set his organization in motion for his appearance as the antichrist in the last two and a half months.

If there are two different Jesuses then it’s imperative to know how to identify each. Over and over again the bible makes it clear, in several different ways, that the anti (instead of) - christ comes first. But how will you know when the antichrist comes? Make no mistake, this will be the biggest event the world has ever seen and the news media will fall all over each other to make the announcement and pronouncement that Christ has returned. Note, when the true Christ returns all alive will be changed into their spiritual body - so if you pinch yourself and it hurts he is the antichrist. He will probably look like each religion thinks that their spiritual leader would look and act. But now, you will know better.

The antichrist’s message will probably be that before we can all gather back with him and return to Heaven, we must try and convert those who do not believe that he is the true Christ. He will ask family members to notify his church of the names and location of their father, mother, sisters and/or brothers and other non believing relatives that need to be educated or taught that he is the true Christ. He will say that these non believers are just poor souls who are misinformed or who have not had the chance to meet the true Christ. The antichrist’s followers, because of love and concern for their family members, will be eager to deliver their family members to satan’s (bible calls him 'death') church for conversion.

The bible tells us that God has pre selected certain people, called his elect, to ‘testify’ in the antichrist’s church. These are the people that were spoken of previously and who will be sent to the antichrist’s church. Their attempted conversions will be held and probably recorded publicly. When these selected individuals speak, it will not be their thoughts that all will hear, but the thoughts of the Holy Spirit who will be speaking through them. Furthermore, the bible says that even the ‘gainsayers’ or those who oppose God, will be convinced by what these chosen people speak. How can this happen? Remember how on Pentecost Day the apostles were speaking and everyone heard them in the language and dialect that they were brought up in? Wouldn’t that type of testimony be convincing and be something that only God could do?

We are told that the antichrist comes here peacefully and prosperously. There will be peace on earth as each religion sees him as their God and their spiritual leader. He may pay all your bills and fulfill your every desire. But there is just one requirement. You must proclaim that the antichrist, ie satan, is God and your Savior Jesus Christ. This is something he always wanted. The bible tells us the whole world will follow him. The antichrist may seal these commitments by changing the monetary system to one of his own creation and making all other monies void. No commitment then no money, no buying and no selling.

The followers of the true Jesus Christ can not and will not make this commitment.

The bible tells us that during the time of the antichrist there will be two “witnesses” referred to as two candlesticks or two olive trees, who are also in their spiritual bodies and who will be opposing satan, the antichrist, and all who inhabit the earth and oppose God. In the bible, there are three people who have not died but were taken in their transfigured bodies to Heaven. They are Enoch, Elijah and Moses. So which of these three are the two witnesses? Since Elijah and Moses appeared with Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration in their transfigured bodies, Elijah and Moses are good bets.

Specific powers of the two witnesses are mentioned in the bible. They will devour their enemies with fire coming out of their mouths, turn waters to blood, strike the earth with plagues whenever they want, keep it from raining and generally torment those on the earth who are enemies of God. No one is able to hurt the two witnesses until their time of prophecy ends.

When the two witnesses’ prophecy is finished, the antichrist will have the two witnesses killed. antichrist and his followers will party and rejoice while watching their bodies for three and a half days, so no one will be able to say they resurrected like the true Christ did. The two witnesses will have caused the antichrist and his followers much pain and aggravation. This whole scene will most likely be viewed by the whole world in the form of media coverage.

The bible says that after their bodies have been displayed in the arena or plaza for three and one half days, a voice from Heaven will command them to come up. The two witnesses will rise to their feet and ascend to Heaven. The bible says that those watching will be in a paralyzing fear for they have been revealed for what they are; satan and his followers. Those who followed the antichrist and thought they were Christians will wish that the mountains would fall on them because they are so ashamed and embarrassed. But their wish will be in vain. It’s too late to change.

Immediately, the true Christ descends to earth. The bible tells us that all those living, both good and bad, will have their flesh melt away to be in their spiritual bodies for judgment. So if you pinch yourself and it doesn’t hurt, you know that you are in your spiritual body. You also know that the true Jesus Christ is here!

The reign of Jesus Christ and his followers, for a thousand years, begins.


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1. "If the above events are true, how come we never heard these things in our churches?" Most people and organizations read the bible to substantiate their philosophy or their beliefs. They are not trying to find out what the Word of God says. The bible says that the traditions of men make the Word of God of non effect.

2. "Why haven’t you given the bible references for this exposé?" This is not a discussion and/or an interpretation of the bible. But rather the events described by the bible which will be proven by their occurrence.

3. "Why would God deceive or fool us by having satan come disguised as him?" He didn’t deceive us. The controversy has always been between satan and God. We deceived ourselves by listening to man instead of God. We choose not to listen to God by not reading, with understanding, his personal letter he sent to us, the bible.

4. "Why didn’t or doesn’t God just get rid of satan in the first place and then we wouldn’t have to go through this." satan has always wanted to be Jesus Christ. Our Father, being totally fair, is giving satan this opportunity while using him to perfect his plan. Also, see the next paragraph.

5. “So are you saying that those who are following satan when Christ appears have lost their souls, ie not saved?” No. They may have their opportunity for salvation by resisting satan at the end of the thousand years or millennium. But would you want to wait for a thousand years to think about whether or not you will pass the test for salvation-especially since you’ve already failed? For everyone must be tested because God doesn’t want another satan to arise in the eternity.

6. It seems like the people who die before satan shows up get a free pass or at the very least do not get fooled by a super natural being. Remember, God is always fair. It may very well be that those that are here during satan’s reign need to be shocked into reality and understanding before they can commit themselves to salvation.

7. "When will the end come?" Now that’s a question we would all like the answer to. Christ said that even he didn’t know (at the time he spoke it). All we know is the last generation started when Israel became a nation which happened in 1948. So how long is a generation? We don’t know that either. The bible speaks of generations: 40 years, 70 years and 125 years. By the signs of the time one would have to think it is not far off. We are told to watch!

8. “I have a hard time accepting a God who is not a loving God.” The problem here is that your definition and God’s definition differ. Do not ever forget we are the clay and he is the potter. To question God or insist that he meet our definitions is very very dangerous ground. I don’t think anyone wants to go there.

9. "I guess I don’t see the big deal. It seems to be pretty easy to just switch from following the antichrist to the real Christ". Remember, if the antichrist requires you to accept him as christ in order to use his money to be able to buy and sell, then you will have to reject him and his money.

10. "Why have you written this?" I’ve written this for my family and friends. I do not want them to be deceived for lack of knowledge. Share this with those you love.

To: Questions/Comments

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